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Professional Nutrition Supervision & Consultation

Professional Nutrition Supervision is a confidential space for professionals to share, reflect and explore solutions to challenges in all aspects of their work with an experienced practitioner, trained and supported to facilitate other professionals. The focus of ongoing consultation and/or supervision is to support you to continue to develop and thrive as a professional clinician to provide high-quality nutrition services in service of your client's welfare and centered lived experience.


Your lived experience and wisdom as a clinician will remain centered here as well.  You already bring so much to the professional arena by being all that is uniquely you! 


Various counseling techniques, modalities, nutrition therapies and skills will be explored along the way to support and expand upon your clinical foundation and confidence while refining the counseling support and techniques you provide for your client’s body liberation journey.

Over the past 10 years I have been fortunate enough to provide nutrition support to clients in various hospital settings including a level II trauma center and oncology floors, as well as out-patient settings for folx struggling along the health continuum or in their relationship with body and food.  It is stimulating, challenging, and rewarding work! 


Collaboratively we will create a container to hold the spaces in between the peaks and valleys of these unique healthcare settings.  No matter the professional topography you encounter, you will be held with compassion, curiosity, and deep regard.   

Orange Blossom

Session Structures and Fees

Professional Nutrition Supervision- 55 minutes, $125


Topics May Include:

  • Deepening roots of HAES® framework, Intuitive Eating counseling, Body Trust®, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Care & Medical Nutrition Therapy intersections

  • Reflection of peaks and valleys of ED care and private practice

  • Scope of practice & Case consults

  • Assessing for malnutrition beyond weight, weighing and BMI

  • Collaborating with multi-disciplinary treatment teams

  • Bridging conflicting treatment perspectives in ED recovery spaces

  • Enhancing skills to advocate for inclusive care with professionals new to trauma informed or ED recovery

  • Cultivating resiliency and sustainability in HAES® oriented ED care and MNT care

  • Building sustainable referral streams and community-based relationships

  • Dismantling perfectionistic practices past on from traditional clinical training and social influences that disrupt attuning to your clients needs and wisdoms – along with your own


*Payment due at time of service.

*Limited sliding scale equity-based pricing available upon request.

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