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Hi, I am Sophia Tasler!

As a Certified Body Trust® Provider, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition degree from Bastyr University, I highly value a holistic approach to wellness. Having struggled with choosing the “perfect” food and feeling the societal pressure to be “practically perfect in every way,” I recognize how difficult it can be to strike balance with food, body image and health in this current climate of an image obsessed diet culture. 

Challenging diet culture (along with its various tendrils in systems of oppression)  and integrating the wisdom of various modalities to nurture a client’s journey towards embodiment is my passion. Food can be an integral piece of the healing process from which various medicines, pleasures, and healings become rooted.


Food’s healing ability is powerful, dynamic, and at times mysterious. Technology is still trying to unlock the sophisticated science of food. Food connects us to nature and to community. Yet, if we become rigid and bogged down by pseudoscience food rules it can be difficult for the body to access the healing. Regaining trust in the body after being so disconnected and information overloaded can be scary.

It is with this deep respect of nature’s timeless healing technology, the slow unfurling of trust work, and our body's innate desire to find balance that I help clients along their food and body journey.


Weight inclusive nutrition therapy is routinely applied to eating disorder recovery, breaking the cycle of diet-culture-based eating patterns and belief systems, diabetes care, cardiovascular health, digestive support, and navigating food allergies and intolerances. My nutrition counseling style is gentle yet direct, calming yet inspiring. I incorporate intersectional feminism, Health At Every Size® Principles, fat liberation and affirmation, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, self-compassion, Intuitive Eating and Body Trust® practices with every session.

My goal with each client is to share tools, teachings, and experiences in a reflective space to cultivate a more harmonious life with food and body.


Sage Wisdom Nutrition is a LGTBQIA+ friendly and affirming practice, continually learning and unlearning the ways in which to grow into better allyship to support diverse sizes, sexual orientations, genders, ages, faiths, races, classes, ethnicity, and abilities. If at anytime you desire a provider that better matches your identities, please let me know and I will try my best to find a provider that better compliments your lived experience.  Establishing a good connection with your provider is so integral in this healing work and I want you to feel as supported as possible.

A bit more about me...

When I am out of the office you will find me savoring the good things in life like groovy moody music of all kinds, soul gazing at nature, or playing outdoors. I also enjoy yummy coffee on the porch vibes, summertime blueberry picking, getting lost in a sci-fi/fantasy movie, slowing down to rest, and laughing at memes.


I have a curiousness about life and how we experience it collectively and individually. I love adventure, new perspectives, and the experience of learning. Below are a few trainings and experiences that have impacted my growth professionally and personally over the years.

To me, seeing trainings and workshops colleagues have completed feels akin to getting a peek at their bookshelf. I offer mine to you here if it feels useful to better understand me and my approach. To learn more about my completed trainings and formative education, please read on.

Meditation Instructor Training Course for Non-diet Clinicians

The Mindful Dietitian

Embodied Recovery Institute

The Original Intuitive Eating Pros

Center for Body Trust® 

EDRD Pro: Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians & Professionals

RDs For Neurodiversity

BIPoc Eating Disorder

Association for Size Diversity And Health®

Diabetes Education Services

Molly Kellogg's Counseling

Bastyr University Alum

Shamatha-Vipashyana lineage with Jenna Hollenstein - In Process

Supervision Training for Dietitians

Introduction to Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders Tier 1

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Food As Resistance: Four-Part Series with Sade Meeks

Body Trust Summit 2021

Certified Body Trust® Specialist - Professional Certification Training

The Embodied Practitioner

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Course for Dietitians

ARFID for Dietitians: A Responsive Feeding Therapy Approach Course

And numerous additional trainings from EDRD Pro

Neurodivergent Affirming + Queer Affirming approaches to Food + Body Series

BIPoc Eating Disorders Conference 2022

2018 Conference - United Against Oppression: Navigating the Learning Curves in the Health At Every Size® Movement

Yearly webinars and membership since 2018

Level 1 | Diabetes Fundamentals

Motivational Interviewing Intensive Workshop

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition - Didactic Program in Dietetic 2012

Bastyr University Internship 2013, 1200 hours - Rotations at the Emily Program, Gluten Intolerance Group, Swedish Diabetes Center, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, and more

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