Various Foods for Personalized Nutrition Support

Sophia Tasler, RDN, CD


As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist having received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition degree from Bastyr University, Sophia highly values a holistic approach to wellness.  Having struggled with choosing the “perfect” food and feeling the societal pressure to be “practically perfect in every way,” Sophia recognizes how difficult it can be to strike balance with food, body image and health in this current climate of an image obsessed diet culture. 

Challenging diet culture and integrating the wisdom of various modalities to nurture a client’s journey towards healing is part of her personal mission.  Sophia realizes food can be an integral piece of the healing process from which each medicine becomes rooted.  Food’s healing ability is powerful, dynamic, and at times mysterious.  Technology is still trying to unlock the sophisticated science of food.  Yet, if we become rigid and bogged down by pseudoscience food rules it can be difficult for the body to access the healing.  Regaining trust in the body can be scary.  It is with this deep respect of nature’s timeless technology and our body's innate ability to heal that she helps clients create a personalized nutrition plan to support and heal their relationship with food and body.


Weight inclusive medical nutrition therapy is routinely applied to diabetes, cardiovascular health, hormone balance, digestive health, navigating food allergies, eating disorder recovery and breaking the cycle of diet culture based eating patterns and belief systems.  Sophia’s goal with each client is to enrich their life through various nutrition therapies in a balanced sustainable way. 


Her nutrition counseling approach is gentle yet direct, calming yet inspiring.  She incorporates intersectional feminism, motivational interviewing, Health At Every Size, mindfulness, self-compassion, non-diet approach, Intuitive Eating and Body Trust practices with every session.  She is a current candidate for Body Trust Provider certification, Cohort 7. 


By individually supporting you in the unique way that you need, she trusts you can cultivate a more harmonious life with food and body.