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Nutrition Coaching for Caregivers

When a child or loved one is struggling with disordered eating it can be challenging to navigate how to help care for them.  Regular meal support, reflecting on diet culture's impact and the ways we talk about food and bodies, and implementing new food practices into the home is a lot to take on while balancing all the other demands of life.

This is where I come in! I am ready to coach you through how to support a loved one through their food + body healing journey. With compassion, empathy, and hope.


Living through and recovering from disordered eating or an eating disorder(ED) is a steep learning curve.  Not just for the person with the disorder, but for caregivers and partners as well.  Unfortunately, insurance does not cover 1:1 sessions with caregivers, parents, or partners unless it is Family Based Therapy(FBT) with a therapist or treatment facility. This leaves a huge gap in the treatment team care process of recovery for clients and their support community!

In nutrition coaching for caregivers sessions, you will learn how to...

There are great books and podcasts available on how to support a loved one with an eating disorder or Intuitive Eating practices, however they do not provide the personalized reflection space or skills development this journey may be requiring of you.

Chicken and Vegetables

Virtual Initial Session | 75 minutes

Detailed intake and holistic review of home food and body culture and eating environment to cultivate recovery focused nutrition support.

Discussion of emerging ideas and strategies to cultivate recovery focused skills to support your loved one's relationship with food and body.

Virtual Follow-up Session | 55 minutes

Collaborative review of needs assessment and nutrition coaching strategy to support nutrition caregiving goals. To read more about common topics and approaches provided in session, click here.

Typical session range varies and is personalized to each client. Averages 3-6 sessions in 2 week intervals.

Common Topics & Approaches

Nutrition coaching and education on various approaches to eating disorder recovery may include: Intuitive Eating meal support, Body Trust®, Health At Every Size® Principles and Frameworks of Care, Fat Positivity, and Satter Division of Responsibility.

Understanding potential symptoms, origins, influences, and progressions of eating disorders from a nutrition perspective.

Recommended resources for learning and unlearning diet culture that meet your learning style.

Reflections on caring for the caregiver.

Meal planning skill development, recipes, and cooking support that compliment current treatment team plans.

Ongoing recovery maintenance support.

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